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The new control and signalling devices have protection degree IP67 allowing the installation of the products on any kind of application also in the hardest environmental conditions.
Almost all of the devices besides having protection degree IP67 have successfully passed the test for protection degree IP69K.A device, in order to comply with the protection degree IP69K (according to standard DIN 40050 part 9), has to pass an extremely severe test which simulates washing conditions in industrial environments with water jets having pressure between 80 and 100 bar, flow rate between 14 e 16 l/min. and temperature 80°C.The hot water jet, which has a sheet distribution, is directed to the object from a distance between 100 and 150 mm, with different angles (0, 30, 60 and 90°) and for 30 seconds in each position.In the meantime, the test product rotates around a vertical axis through a special rotating support.
Pizzato Elettrica EROUND products, strictly designed, manufactured and tested in Italy, prove to be suitable for use in machineries subjected to intense washing with high pressure and high temperature water jets and for any condition or environment where a particular attention for cleanness and hygiene is required.

EROUND (lift series)

EROUND applications : – Lift
- Contact Blocks (single contact blocks ; double contact blocks )
- USB socket

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Murr Emparro

Murrelektronik presents Emparro, a highly innovative power supply unit with maximum efficiency and minimum power loss. The combination of the Power Boost function with a power limiter output allows large loads to be started easily. The wide input voltage range makes Emparro a global player.

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Murr IDC connectors


Insulation Displacement Connectors ( IDC) are a fast and easy way to terminate cables with either M8 or M12 connections.
Murr Electronik offers field wireable connectors with IDC technology with M8 and M12 connections. Male & female for 3, 4 and 5-pole cables. Faster, more reliable than screw terminals, IDC requires no special tools and can be IP67 in seconds.

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Murr IDC

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Datalogic M450

MATRIX 450 is the high-end industrial 2D reader designed for logistic applications. Through 5 million pixels captured 15 times in a second, MATRIX 450™ enables a range of applications never covered before by a 2D-imager. MATRIX 450™ perfectly meets the requirements of both automated and manual material handling.
Thanks to the extraordinary acquisition rate at very high resolution and the strong illuminator, it is the perfect solution for high speed transportation on small and middle size conveyors. With Matrix 450™ multiple reading attempts are no longer needed: the large area coverage in a single shot permits the highest throughput and maximum ease of use. some additional features – continuous frame acquisition, no-fl ashing white illumination, colored spot indicators – actually make MATRIX 450™ the unprecedented solution for operator attended applications, as manual object presentation in overhead scanning mode or manual conveyor loading.
The ID-NET™ readers clustering permits to effectively extend the reading area for single-side and multi-side applications. Captured image are stored on-board and optionally transferred to external supports through the integrated Gigabit ethernet connectivity. No moving parts, rugged metal construction, iP65 enclosure rate and operative temperature up to 50°C guarantee a long life cycle even in harsh industrial environments.

Features & Benefits
• 5M pixels image sensor, 15 FPS
• Gigabit Ethernet Integrated Connectivity
• Adjustable focus through C-Mount lenses
• White and Blue lighting options
• Continuous, no-flashing Lighting
• Colored spot indicators
• Outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D, Stacked, Postal symbologies
• Region Of Interest Windowing for higher frame rate
• Blue Diamonds™ aiming and focusing system
• X-PRESS™ for easy and intuitive setup
• ID-NET™ embedded high speed connectivity


  • Manual Postal Sorting
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Postal Sorting
  • Multimedia and Flats
  • Induction Lines
  • Order Fullfillment
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Static Scan

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Datalogic S85 sensor

The S85 series is Datalogic’s innovative line of LASER distance sensors based on Time of Flight technology. The S85 series can perform high-precision and long distance measurement without the use of a prismatic reflector, as well as background and foreground suppression functions. The Class 2 highly-focused LASER and the innovative integrated software make the S85 series ideal for applications that require extremely precise measurement, offering 7 mm of accuracy for distances up to 20 m, with 1 mm of resolution and 1 mm of repeatability. The basic model (S85-MH-5-Y03-…) measures distances up to 10 m and can be simply set through user-friendly push-buttons. The basic model features an M12 5-pole standard connector with analog and digital outputs that provide distance and the object detection. The advanced model (S85-MH-5-Y13-…) measures distances up to 20 m and is easily programmable through a keyboard and display. In addition to the analog and digital outputs, the S85 advanced model is equipped with an RS485 serial interface. This series is designed in a sturdy metal housing, and can be easily mounted on industrial vehicles and machinery with its dedicated mounting bracket.

Features & Benefits

  • Time of Flight technology
  • Class 2, visible red LASER for an easy alignment with the target
  • Distance measurement ranging from 10m or 20m in the advanced model
  • 1 mm resolution, 7 mm accuracy, 1 mm repeatability
  • 4-20 mA or 0-10 V scalable analog output and 2 digital outputs
  • RS485 serial interface in the advanced model
  • Standard M12 connector
  • IP67 industrial metal housing


  • Automated warehousing
  • Processing and Packaging machinery
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Automotive

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