Leuze MLC300



Type 2 Safety Light Curtains

The 300 series MLC Safety Light Curtains are the newest generation of extremely sturdy type 2 devices with very thin housings. The robust version of the sensors and the customized functions together create a solid foundation for stable, reliable system operation. The devices are available in the Basic and Standard versions, thereby fulfilling various requirements.

MLC310 – The type 2 Basic model for cost-effective safeguarding
MLC320 – The type 2 Standard models with function extension

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Leuze BPS 8/34/37

leuzebps8    leuzebps34

Leuze has released a new barcode positioning system (BPS)

The BPS 8 uses a RS232 interface, while the BPS34 uses the Profibus DP , and the BPS37 using the SSI interface.

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Years ago,  the world’s first laser barcode positioning system BPS was introduced by Leuze Electronics, the market was excited about the new possibilities of these systems. An accurate position determination is allowed independently of reference in any situation. With these and many other features, the Leuze electronic BPS quickly became the standard of the industry and is today in the modern car automation become indispensable.


Murr Mico


MICO – intelligent power distribution system

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Leuze PRK18B


When it comes to the reliable detection of partially and highly transparent objects, sensors need to show what they are really capable of. Systems don’t demonstrate their true performance until put to daily use. With Leuze solutions, we can extend the cleaning cycles of sensors used in the detection of transparent media, e.g., from one week to up to a year.