Datalogic STS400 ( Image Based ID reader )

STS400™ is Datalogic Automation state-of-the-art solution for tire sorting. Extremely compact and based on a self-contained structure. The solution excels in delivering top reading performance with simplicity of installation and maintenance. For example the solution is pre-assembled and calibrated, making integration into a tire sorting system quicker than ever. In less than one hour, with no special tools or training, the STS400™ can go from the shipping carton to reading tires in the production line!

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install: 100% pre-assemle calibrating
  • Easy to mantain
  • Simple and lean: simple and regulated render layout which avoids articulated mounting patterns
  • Long-term reliability: no moving on board guarantee reliability and longer life-cycle
  • Ready for the future: compatible with changing requirements such as downsizing of code heights or introduction of cd codes

Tracking and Traceability is a primary need of tire manufactures. In logistics, WIP, quality control, and compliance, tires get tracked at every step of production process. Starting with raw materials through tire assembly, to the end-of-line sorting, reading the bar-code on tires is critical. But reading a bar-code on tires is a difficult task: it calls for omni-directional reading of low aspect ratio codes, whose quality degenerates during the manufacturing process. If the correct scanning technology is not applied, it may result in loss of production efficiency, additional manual handling, and extra costs for compliance management.
STS400™ is the first-in-class solution to effectively address the demanding requirements of Tire Tracking and Traceability.

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