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Pizzato BN series control device units

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The range of Pizzato Elettrica industrial automation solutions is further expanded by the addition of the BN series control device units, a versatile modular product that adapts to any application requirement.

The main feature of the new BN series is easy installation, as the in-line holes make it simple to fit and wire the device: as it’s a plug-and-play device in fact, all you have to do is plug the connector in. Furthermore, in the case of a fault or damage, it can be replaced immediately thanks to the monolithic design of the control device unit, without the need for rewiring, avoiding any possible errors.

BN applicazione

The control device unit is designed with non-detachable, turnable modules that offer the user various installation options on-board the machine. After loosening the fixing screws, in fact, the upper and lower modules can be turned 90° to obtain the desired configuration.

The fixing screws are protected by push-in caps, which not only prevent dirt from accumulating, but they also block access to the screws and make it less likely someone will tamper with them.

The BN series control device unit is available in various configurations for various types of product applications: for standard applications, configurations with 3 or 4 devices are most suitable, while configurations with 6, 7 or 8 devices are available for more complex applications to provide the user with more control and signalling devices at the same location.

The control devices are recessed in the outer housing of the control device unit so they’re protected from accidental knocks, meaning longer operational life. They only protrude a little from the front, so the BN series remains within a max. width of just 40 mm.

In all the configurations, a variety of control devices can be installed, also illuminated by integrated LEDs.

The new Pizzato Elettrica BN series modular control device units have the same shape and dimensions as the RFID safety switches with lock of the NS series, giving machine manufacturers who already use these products the chance to create a visually uniform device and adopt an aesthetically pleasing solution.





• No vision Tools programming required
• No inspection threshold adjustment
• No need of skilled installers and users
• Fast and Easy Setting like standard photosensor
• Deterministic response time 50ms
• Reduced cost of ownership and maintenance
• TEACH Button and comprehensive UI with 5 status LEDs
• Electronic focus control
• 50…150mm operating distance
• Bright and visible Red LED pointer
• Powerful white polarized light illuminator
• Green/Red LED Spot for GOOD/NO GOOD part
• Ethernet point to point communication available
• Easy and Intuitive WEB Server GUI for maintenance and job setting
• Easy output interface photosensor

• Processing and packaging machinery
• Transport and handling lines
• Assembly lines
• Food & Beverage
• Bottling lines
• Machines for the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical sector






The AV900 is the innovative 2D image-based reader setting a new paradigm for logistic applications with high speed transportation systems on all conveyor sizes, irport baggage handling systems, as well as static reading applications. With the very high resolution 9 MP sensor, dynamic or adjustable focus, and multiple lens options, the AV900 reader creates a new optical standard for unattended data capture solutions. Continuous frame acquisition, no-flashing white or red integrated illumination, and colored spot indicators make AV900 reader the unprecedented solution for operator attended applications, as manual object presentation in overhead scanning mode or manual conveyor loading.
PackTrack™ capability allows the AV900 to minimize the gap between objects and increase the system productivity. FPGA hardware acceleration for real time image elaboration. Captured images are stored on-board and optionally transferred to external supports through the integrated Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. EASY  INTEGRATION
Installation and configuration are made easy with multi-language, browser based, on board HTML web server interface e-GENIUS™ as well as X-Press™ setup interface and integrated aiming lasers. Fully compatible with WebSentinel™ PLUS for real time performance monitoring. The AV900 reader interfaces directly to PROFINET or Ethernet IP enabled PLC’s with two Ethernet TCP/IP and two serial communication interfaces. SyncNet™ Technology with Master/Slave allows enables a simplified way to network multiple devices in a solution with a single interface. A dedicated high-speed image saving port further enhances the integration in any data capture solution.


Rugged metal enclosures with an IP65 rating. All metal integrated illumination housing that can withstand dialing cleaning with hash cleaners. Active cooling to maintain optimal processor performance with an operating temperature up to 50 °C, guarantees a long-life cycle in the harshest industrial environments.




• 9 MP image sensor, up to 32 FPS
• Patented dynamic or adjustable focus system offering extended depth of field
• Continuous, no-flashing white or red illumination
• Region Of Interest Windowing for higher frame rate
• Next generation decode algorithm for outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D,
Stacked, or Postal symbologies
• Gigabyte Ethernet and SyncNet high speed connectivity
• PackTrack capability for closer item spacing
• Multiple format image saving from full definition to a highly compressed .jpg
• Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for visual good-read feedback
• Dual laser aiming for ease of installation
• e-GENIUS browser based interface compatible with any kind of operating system and
hardware platform including PC’s and Tablet
• Extreme Industrial grade: IP65 for harsh environments with 0 to 50 °C / 32 to 122 ºF
operating temperatures


Transportation & Logistics:
• Automated sorting
• Manual sorting
• Dimension Weigh Scan System
• Non conveyable Auto dimension systems
• Carton and tote traceability
• OCR and Videocoding
• Extended ID and image saving
Distribution and Retail:
• Order fulfillment and verification
• Multimedia sorting
• Reverse Logistics process

• Baggage handling systems



Kuebler Lift Technology


Kübler impulses for lift systems. Smooth-running and safe.

Measuring systems

The mechanical loading experienced by the encoder within the lift mechanics is quite considerable. And here the prefabricated LM lift systems prove their worth:
Belt pulleys with duplex bearings, smooth-running toothed belts and a vibration-resistant encoder mounting fixture guarantee very quiet, smooth operation of the system.


Sendix encoders from Kübler control the rotational speed and drive position, offer accurate shaft copying and monitor the speed limiters. Thus, they contribute essentially to the long service live and low maintenance requirements of lifts.

Counting Technology

An extensive choice of trip counters and hour meters allows for the precise and highly reliable definition of service intervals

For Brochure on Biss-C encoders , please click here .

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Kuebler Drive Technology


Reliable and economical total encoder solutions for drive technology.

Kübler has been highly successful in drive engineering for many years and counts internationally important businesses amongst its clientele. Along with excellent product quality, this sector demands a high degree of flexibility, a rapid response and service on a global scale. Kübler fully lives up to these expectations.

Product diversity & Quality: we guarantee our absolute and incremental encoders with their high shaft load capacity by the use of, for example, the sturdy bearing construction with Safety-Lock™, the 100 % magnetic field resistant optical technologies and by a remarkably compact product design.

The mechanical interface is often the deciding path to success: Kübler possesses the expertise and experience when it comes to essential details such as torque arms and mounting solutions for optimal integration of the encoders into the drives. We have been particularly successful with geared motors in developing a method of mounting the encoder under the fan cowl, which is both safe and cost-effective.

At the forefront of technology: Our innovations include encoders for Functional Safety with SIL3 approval, EX protection, encoders with total magnetic insensitivity, as well as purely optical encoders with a mechanical gear or with an electronic gear.

Kübler Design System: Kübler “KDS” is our structured method for converting – step-by-step – your requirements, with respect to quality and to a reduction in costs and number of models, into a product solution. Our goal is to provide tailor-made systems, customised to your requirements.

Technologies for Drive Engineering

Innovations from tradition. Kübler products benefit from 50 years experience in automation technology. Over time they have been further developed for use in drive engineering.

Small details make a big difference. Our products feature many intelligent top-quality extras and offer our customers key benefits. In doing so, they make a significant contribution to the high availability and safety of the machines.


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