Pizzato EROUND



The new control and signalling devices have protection degree IP67 allowing the installation of the products on any kind of application also in the hardest environmental conditions.
Almost all of the devices besides having protection degree IP67 have successfully passed the test for protection degree IP69K.A device, in order to comply with the protection degree IP69K (according to standard DIN 40050 part 9), has to pass an extremely severe test which simulates washing conditions in industrial environments with water jets having pressure between 80 and 100 bar, flow rate between 14 e 16 l/min. and temperature 80°C.The hot water jet, which has a sheet distribution, is directed to the object from a distance between 100 and 150 mm, with different angles (0, 30, 60 and 90°) and for 30 seconds in each position.In the meantime, the test product rotates around a vertical axis through a special rotating support.
Pizzato Elettrica EROUND products, strictly designed, manufactured and tested in Italy, prove to be suitable for use in machineries subjected to intense washing with high pressure and high temperature water jets and for any condition or environment where a particular attention for cleanness and hygiene is required.

EROUND (lift series)

EROUND (Control and Signalling Devices EROUND line)

Devices for lift applications according to EN 81-20 and EN 81-50

Control system for guards with lock system

EL AC-EL AN-EL AD Series Control Stations

Safety Handle P KUBE 2

Control system for guards with lock system


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